Visit Seal Colonies & Bird Sanctuaries

Isolated from humanity for centuries, our wildlife never learned to bite or sting, so it needs our protection from introduced plants and animals. Share stories of our fascinating natural history, secure in the knowledge that we are contributing to its long-term flourishing. 

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Beaches, Bays & Seals Kayaking

Enjoy the scenic Vista Cruise to Torrent Bay in the heart of the park, then kayak to see beaches, lagoons and seals on Pinnacle Island. Minimum age 12 years. read more.

Adele Island Beaches Kayak & Walk

Kayak to see seals and birds on Adele Island. Cruise or walk to explore Anchorage and Te Pukatea Bay. Minimum age 12 years. read more.
Seals sunbathing
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Seals & Beach #3

Enjoy our most popular 2 hour walk from Tonga Quarry and around the Bark Bay Waterfall Trail to Medlands Beach. read more.

Adele Island Kayak Seals & Walk

Kayak around Adele Island, cruise into Tonga Island Marine Reserve, then enjoy a 2 hr walk to beautiful Medlands Beach. Minimum age 12 years. read more.